Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Home stretch

It's been a while. I'm in the home stretch now. There's light at the end of the tunnel.
Actually, it's just light coming in through the clearstory windows (heh, heh).

I thought I had more images of putting up the sheetrock on the inside of the second building, but I don't . I only have the finishing stages of this section of the back wall. I created a row of fixed clearstory windows to let ambient light in. I suppose  finishing those was the most difficult part of sheet rocking this building.

This shot also shows the start of the build out for tables and shelves. I had a few structures from my garage studio, but some had to be resized to fit the new space. Here the room has already been painted with the same satin paint I used on the glaze studio. 

 This is the wedging table from the old studio. My wheel bat storage is undeneath. My second wheel is just to the right of this.

 I put my dry storage behind the door. The removable shelves are 12"x 24" to match my kiln shelves. That helps give me an idea of how much work I need to make to fill a kiln. I have more of this shelf space outside on the kiln pad.

 I mostly throw standing up. I like to have my tools handy.

 This is actually a third wheel I have. I plan to use this to recreate the structure I used in France when I worked in Biot. Just to the left of that is a "damp box" I constructed. This Aridzona weather can dry things out very quickly.

Another shot of the studio from the door. I know it seems a bit cramped, but there's more room than you realize. It works for me, especially when it comes time to heat the place. 

This is the view looking out onto the kiln pad. I have a portable cart out there that I can also put pots on. The ladder is temporary. 

A bit of a blurry shot of the shelving above the door. 

Jill's camera allows her to take panoramic shots. This shows most of the backyard. We love it!

Finally... a recent picture of my finger. Don't worry... it's not gory..

I think it's healing pretty well...


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