Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Deliberate, fascinate, deviate, insulate...

The second building is coming along nicely. It's framed, roofed and now I've started to insulate and sheetrock the inside.

It looks pretty rough at this point. 

Adding insulation is probably my least favorite part... I'm using R-13 through out. I added some clearstory windows for added light. It's a nasty job,  but somebody's gotta do it. 

Here I put together one of those handy sheetrocker's helpers. It really did help, but I still needed Jill's second pair of hands to get the ceiling in place. 

Okay, enough of that inside stuff. I had to include some more shots of the outside. 

This is a nice shot of the whole kit-n-kaboodle. 

Jill added some perennials to the garden boxes. We love the meandering way of these flowers. 

The garden took a real beating early in the summer when a surprise hailstorm impaled it with quarter sized hail. We didn't have to replant, but we also weren't sure if it would rebound. We'll likely cover it in a few weeks to extend the season. 

I call this shot "Full Moon Over Studio".  It's a shot of a full moon over the studio.  Need I say more?

Oh, and of course, I didn't forget the finger update: Two views this time: #1- http://pinterest.com/pin/500462577312423643/