Thursday, July 4, 2013

Glaze Studio Part II

This is a view of the second level going up. Molly is making sure that the 2"x4" is level.

 This is a shot of the door framed up.

and here is the door in place. I seriously considered using pocket doors to conserve wall space, but the final design didn't allow for that. I'd also begun putting up the siding on the wall facing the back of our house. I wanted to get at least one side completed so it would stop looking like a 10 yr. old's fort and more like the building I had envisioned.

This is the view of the building you see from our back window. I added two horizontal hanging flower boxes to break up the vertical lines of the siding. Who would have guessed that flooring from a strip club would have so many uses?


The backside has the only window, which overlooks the garden bed. Under the tar paper are horizontal boards that I nailed the vertical siding boards to.
The roof is constructed of 3/4" plywood that was used as flooring in a now defunct bar. Yes, it was free as well. I extended it to cover the 5' easement between the building and the fence. This will be where I keep the propane tanks to fire the kiln.

On top of the plywood, I put a layer of the 3/4" strip club flooring. It was probably overkill, but sometimes the snow here piles up. The final covering is corrigated sheet metal roofing.

The wooden box sticking out of the side of the building is going to be my spray booth. I'll house the compressor outside underneath it in a sound proofed box.

I insulated the inside with standard R-13 fiberglass.

The main problem I had with this was that I'd built the walls by stacking the pallets vertically on top of each other. I left the runners in place as they were built on the original pallet. Unfortunately, the spacing was narrower than the width of the fiber glass, so I had to do quite a bit of cutting. It really made this part a miserable job and I was very happy to be done with it.

I covered the inside with sheetrock as I plan to paint it. 
This is pretty much where I stopped. I wanted to get started on the second building. My plan is to work on that during the daylight hours and work on finishing the inside of this one in the evening hours as it doesn't make as much noise as when I'm constructing the building.

I'll post more tomorrow about the second building which is already underway.

One final thing:
One of the pallets I received was an odd shape with little wood. I thought it would make a nice blind to hide our garbage cans. I backed it with landscape cloth and plywood behind that. The cloth really makes the flowers stand out.  Jill was very pleased.

Last summer I built a redwood pergola for Jill's hammock chair on the left. I also built a small pallet swing which is on the right. Yellow is her favorite color. We put up 4 slatted doors on the backside to create a privacy screen.

Here is a close up of the pallet swing.

That's all for now....
Happy Independence Day!

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  1. You definitely live up to your last name! I found this link about uses for pallets a long time ago, and have had it booked marked ever since. One of these days I'm going to build SOMETHING.